ORA-2: Revolutionary Smart Glass platform with a transparent AR display for a crisp, bright image. The ORA-2 runs a multitude of hands free mobile computing and augmented reality Android applications such as logistics, remote maintenance, diagnostics, and much more. More info


Optimized for Optinven’s ORA-2 smart glasses, ORA-EYE is a complete hardware and software solution for hands-free remote maintenance and remote assistance.  WORK SMARTER with ORA-EYE! More info

CLEAR-VU Display for Mission Critical Applications

This is the latest high performance extreme environment display from Optinvent for mission critical “eyes out” applications such as Aerospace and Defense where extreme levels of brightness, high temperature, lightweight, rugged, and low power are necessary.   This is the first display of its kind using a plastic light guide that is lightweight and shatterproof.  Below are general specifications:

  • Field Of View : 40° Diagonal
  • Native resolution: 1280×720 pixels full color RGB
  • Brightness : 10000 Nits
  • Low Power
  • Large Eyebox
  • See-through transparency : 70%
  • Wide operating and storage temperature range
  • Lightweight and shatterproof

For more information: contact@optinvent.com

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Optinvent is a world leader in AR display technologies and HMD (head mounted display) devices.  Optinvent holds 32 granted international patents and commercializes the award winning “ORA-2” AR smart glasses and the disruptive “Clear-Vu” AR display technology.  Optinvent provides smart devices that enable hands free and head up access to augmented reality and contextual information for professionals in the logistics, remote maintenance, remote training, and medical fields. Optinvent is also working with major Aerospace and Defense OEM’s to integrate its Clear-Vu technology into next generation pilot’s and infantry head mounted displays.

“Optinvent…[has] been working on AR glasses for a long time, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to wearable transparent display.”

— Eliane Fiolet, Ubergizmo

ORA-X: Headphones Reimagined

The ORA-X is a disruptive device that enables a new user experience. It’s the world’s first AR headphone. The ORA-X seamlessly blends mobile audio with a new visual experience. It will revolutionize the headphone.

ORA-X:  See the Music!

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ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The ORA-2 is a revolutionary smart glass platform that will change the game for mobile augmented reality and wearable computing.  The ORA-2 runs Android and features a disruptive transparent retinal projection technology for a crisp, bright image display.

The ORA-2 is really the “World’s Smartest Glasses”

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the AppstORA is a grouping of a few Android applications that work natively with the ORA hardware platforms.  Certain applications have been developed and/or optimized specifically for the ORA with our software partners.  Others are standard Android applications.  The fact that standard Android applications work on the ORA attests to the flexibility of the platform.  Very little or no development work is needed for an existing application to work out of the box!  We are testing and adding applications regularly so please let us know if there’s an application you would like to see added to the list.

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