Optinvent ORA-2 Smart Glasses

We are very excited to share with you the release of the ORA-2 Professional Smart Glass platform.

The ORA-2 is the most powerful wearable computing device in the world.  It is a revolutionary smart glass platform that will change the game for mobile augmented reality and wearable computing.

The ORA-2 is a true “wearable tablet” which allows a multitiude of applications. It is Comfortable, ergonomic and mobile:

The ORA-2 enables hands free mobile computing and AR applications such as remote maintenance, logistics, remote training, situation awareness, and much more. It can run applications as a standalone wearable computer and can connect to the network via WiFi and to any smart device via Bluetooth.

The ORA-2 features a disruptive transparent retinal projection technology for a crisp, bright image display.  The virtual screen of the has two configurations allowing both “augmented reality” and “glance” modes. This “Flip-Vu” feature allows the image to be either directly in the wearer’s field of view or just below.


The ORA-2 is equipped with a dual core processor w/ GPU, camera, microphone, sound, intertial sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, ambient light sensor, and a high capacity rechargeable battery.  The ORA-2 is the most powerful smart glass platform for a truly unique and mobile computing experience.

The patented ORA-2 Smart Glasses hardware platform comes complete with its own flexible Android SDK in order to develop apps and fine tune the user experience.

With you as partner, we can revolutionize the wearable computing space and build the future together!

ORA-2 Specifications*:

Display Full color Landscape 16:9
Resolution 42 pixels/deg (126 separate RGB)
Screen Size 61” at 4m
Display Brightness >3000Cd/m²
Virtual image location “Flip-Vu©” user adjustable (above, centered, below)
Form factor Safety Eyewear
Total weight ~90g
Lenses Photochromic (Optional)
Ophthalmic Correction Can be worn over most eyeglasses
Connectivity Bluetooth LE & Wi-Fi B/G/N

µUSB for charging + PC link

Includes charger + cable

Sound Professional grade audio Codec

Includes µUSB earphone


Interactivity Trackpad on right side
Microphone Ultra low noise
Ambient light sensor 8 bit
Orientation sensors 9 axis (gyro, accel, compass)
Front facing Camera 5M Pixels w/ AF
Battery Capacity 1200mAh (5hrs display on time)
Operating System Android AOSP 4.4.2

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please click below to download the full ORA-2 Data Sheet:

Data Sheet

What’s in the box:

  1. ORA-2 Smart Glass
  2. Instruction sheet and download manual for SDK
  3. Charging and PC link connector
  4. uUSB mono headphone

ORA-2 What's In the Box
ORA-2 What’s In the Box

Important Note: The ORA-2 is not an FCC, UL, CSA, or CE approved product for general consumers. By ordering you agree to comply with the terms of the legal disclaimer document here: Terms and conditions

Lead time: about 3 weeks

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