ORA-2: Revolutionary Smart Glass development platform with a transparent AR display for a crisp, bright image.
The ORA-2 runs a multitude of hands free mobile computing and augmented reality Android applications such as logistics, remote maintenance, diagnostics, and much more.

Mission Critical

This is the latest high performance extreme environment technology from Optinvent for mission critical “eyes out” applications such as Aerospace and Defense where extreme levels of brightness, high temperature, lightweight, ruggedness, and low power are necessary.   This is the first waveguide of its kind using a reflective plastic architecture that is lightweight and shatterproof.  Below are achievable specifications:

  • Field Of View : 40° Diagonal
  • Native resolution: 1280×720 pixels full color RGB
  • Brightness : 7000 Nits
  • Low Power
  • Large Eyebox
  • See-through transparency : 75%
  • Wide operating and storage temperature range
  • Lightweight and shatterproof

For more information: contact@optinvent.com

Optinvent’s ORA-Lens© Waveguide Technology

Get in touch with us if you have a specific requirement for our revolutionary patented ORA-Lens© reflective 2D expander plastic AR waveguide technology:

  • Field Of View : Over 50° Diag. via 2D expansion
  • Ultra High Brightness Efficiency
  • Forward Light Leakage: Extremely Low
  • Large Eyebox
  • Lightweight and Shatterproof polymer
  • Excellent Color Uniformity
  • Adapted to OEM customers

For more information: contact@optinvent.com

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Optinvent is a world leader in AR display technologies.  Optinvent holds 35 granted international patents and adapts the disruptive Clear-Vu© (1D) and ORA-Lens© (2D expander) waveguide technologies to the specifications of major customers.  Optinvent’s enabling technologies will allow the next generation of professional and consumer smart glasses and head worn devices for hands free and head up access to augmented reality and contextual information.

Optinvent has also successfully commercialized the ORA-1 and ORA-2 smart glasses as dev kits for professional AR applications and for evaluation of the Clear-Vu display technology including its revolutionary plastic reflective waveguide and display engine.


ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses ORA-2 Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

The ORA-2 is a revolutionary smart glass development platform for mobile augmented reality and wearable computing.  The ORA-2 runs Android and features the Clear-Vu  technology for a crisp, bright image display.

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