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AMA Optinvent Partnership

Bucharest, Romania and Rennes, France – May 25th, 2016

AMA, mobile games developer and part of the Populate consortium, and Optinvent, the internationally renowned wearable technology manufacturer, are happy to announce their collaboration for bringing a new gaming experience to ORA-2 smart glasses and the ORA-X smart AR headphones.

This partnership will combine AMA’s expertise in building games and apps for innovative technologies with Optinvent’s cutting edge wearable products. The focus will be on shaping the Populate prototype to the ORA-2 and ORA-X platforms, as the need for specially-designed software for wearable devices is increasing and will revolutionise both the gaming and wearable technology industries.

“It is with great pleasure that we are officially announcing our partnership with AMA to bring this new and awesome gaming experience to life.” said Khaled Sarayeddine, CTO of Optinvent. “During our collaboration with AMA we were impressed with their level of expertise and vision. We firmly believe that a close partnership with a software provider that can develop new experiences and applications for our ORA wearable computing hardware platforms is key to winning in this emerging market.”

“This year we are definitely witnessing a growth in the number of smart glasses and connected objects available on the market.” said Alex Paraschiv, the Populate Project coordinator. “It’s a great opportunity and challenge at the same time for us as developers and supporters of new technologies. We are very proud to have Optinvent as a partner for adapting the Populate prototype to their revolutionary wearable devices.”

AMA, sister company to Ubisoft and Gameloft, has been developing mobile games and applications for over 11 years and is maintaining a high interest in building applications for the innovative technologies. In 2012 AMA’s team was the first in Europe to create a game prototype for smart glasses and is now involved in developing the prototype for a game development framework called Populate.

Populate is a collaborative project that combines a multi-device approach with 3D crowd generation and advanced behaviour management. The developed prototype runs on a large range of mobile hardware like smartphones, tablets and wearable devices and it provides an asymmetric gameplay in which two users that play against each other have different gaming experiences.

The project’s consortium is formed of AMA, Golaem – a French company developing a software solution for populating backgrounds and midgrounds of films, TV series and commercials, and Trinity College of Dublin, an internationally active research group in computer graphics, computer vision and all aspects of visual computing. The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement no 644655.

Optinvent is a high-tech company that manufactures wearable display products and is most recently known for the ORA line of augmented reality smart devices. Optinvent has also created the world’s first smart AR headphones. The team has developed patented technologies, extensive know-how and manufacturing expertise to create a disruptive new category of wearable devices.

Optinvent’s latest product, the ORA-2, is a new smart glass platform capable of supporting a multitude of mobile applications with best in class performance, design and form factor. Running on Android, the device features a transparent retinal projection technology for a crisp, bright image display.

Combining the Populate prototype and the ORA-2 device, the partnership promises to bring a truly unique and mobile computing experience for both technology and gaming enthusiasts. More information about the Populate Project can be found at populateproject.eu.

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